You need to know that you're getting the absolute best in the industry when you're looking to hire a contractor.  Whether for safety services, custom home projects, commercial, or industrial contracts, you should be rest assured that you're getting quality, qualified contractors.

Below, we proudly display our qualifications, and ask that you review them to know what you're getting when you choose to contract Sharp Building Solutions.

Tickets and Certificates:

• Occupational Health & Safety Certificate University of Alberta
This cer­tifi­cate, one of the most advanced in Cana­da, is a cor­ner­stone for safe­ty in the province. Whether you are cur­rent­ly a prac­tic­ing occu­pa­tion­al health and safe­ty pro­fes­sion­als (our cer­tifi­cate is rec­og­nized by the Cana­di­an Reg­is­tered Safe­ty Tech­ni­cian [CRST]), or some­one who aspires for a career in health and safe­ty, this pro­gram has been designed to help prac­ti­tion­ers from many dif­fer­ent back­grounds devel­op com­pe­ten­cies nec­es­sary to cre­ate, imple­ment, and eval­u­ate health and safe­ty pro­grams in a wide vari­ety of occu­pa­tion­al settings.

• National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO), ACSA
The intention of the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) program is to combine entry level safety training with an individual’s personal field experience. An NCSO is a valuable resource for a company’s management through the implementation and administration of its health and safety program. Certification indicates that the participant has practical knowledge in various construction-related health and safety management skills and principles. Recommended for health and safety practitioners who wish to complete primary professional training and receive recognition as an NCSO across Canada.

• Alberta Certified Peer Health & Safety Auditor
The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to an employer that has demonstrated it has a good health and safety management system in place. The employer demonstrates this by passing a COR Certification (external) audit. The COR is valid for three (3) years, provided: Internal maintenance audits (or equivalent) are performed in each of the next two (2) calendar years. Internal audits do not have to attain a passing score; however, the auditor must pass quality assurance review. At least one person on staff has taken the WCB’s Return to Work Seminar (formerly Disability Management). Employer fulfils its obligation to provide peer auditors as needed.

• Leadership for Safety Excellence

Designed for supervisors and management, this course helps participants understand their role and responsibilities in supporting a health and safety management system. Supervisor’s Role Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control Formal Workplace Inspections, Accident/Incident Investigation. This course is a good alternative to the ACSA, SCSA, Enform, AMHSA &  BCCSA Leadership for Safety Excellence Course.

• Small Employer Health & Safety Management
An Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is a fundamental part of your organization's risk management strategy. The new ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) promotes a safe and healthy working environment to: Reduce occupational health and safety risk; Prevent work-related incidents; Improve legislative compliance

• Alberta OH & S Legislation Awareness
A solid understanding of the basic structure of Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety legislation. Overview of the different types of legislation that may impact a workplace; Structure and content of Alberta's OHS Act, Regulations, and Code; Locating information in Alberta's OHS Legislation Handbook; Overview of the OHS compliance and enforcement tools used in Alberta; Certification

• Red Cross First Aid Standard Level C CPR and AED
Courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) provide the skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies and choking for adults, children, and babies depending on the level of CPR chosen. Courses meet legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards, and include the latest CPR guidelines and training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

• Confined Space & Awareness Training
Confined Spaces Awareness Course will guide you through all aspects of working in a Confined Space, entry and exit, to safe work and rescue procedures. what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each module. What is a Confined Space; How to Safely Enter a Confined Space; Worker and Employer Responsibilities; Hazard Recognition and Prevention; Safe Work and Rescue Procedures

• CAA Air Brakes
To obtain an air brake endorsement, you must first complete an air brake training course. This course is designed to provide the participant with theoretical and practical training required for the air brake endorsement. Individuals successfully completing this course are required to do the written portion of this course at any Alberta Registry Agency entitling them to have the "Q" endorsement applied to their Alberta Drivers Licence. CCA offers three certified Air Brake "Q" Endorsement courses weekly

• Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
To reduce the number of accidents and injuries, employers must ensure that all workers are trained in basic workplace safety. Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09) is a computer-based worker-specific safety program that is acknowledged industry wide. Self-paced and user-friendly, the course is designed for those who are new to the industry or have not had formal safety training.

• Prime Contractor Course
This course is ideal for those who are accepting or assigning Prime Contractor status. Content also includes the development and implementation of Work Site Safety Plans and assessments of the suitability of any contracted service provider to assume the role of Prime Contractor. You should be able to assess whether a Prime Contractor is meeting its legal obligations with respect to the Work Site Safety Plan as well as guide their own organization in functioning as the Prime Contractor.

• Health and Safety Program Building, AMTA
The Health and Safety System Building HSSB (formerly Health and Safety Program Building) course is the first step to achieving your Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) program. This comprehensive and challenging course is designed to guide and assist safety personnel in the development and implementation of a Health and Safety System.

• OSSA Fall Protection
An understanding of fall protection systems and equipment regarding fit, selection and maintenance. It will cover relevant federal and provincial legislative requirements. Any person performing work over 3 meters high requires fall protection certification. Understanding safety regulations: federal, provincial and company in addition to employer, superintendent and co-worker responsibilities; Fall protection systems: fall arrest systems, fall protection planning and systems, travel restraint systems, fall prevention techniques and systems, fall hazards and ladder safety; Major types of fall hazards: unprotected roof edges, improper scaffold construction, unsafe portable ladders and working near electricity; Fall protection systems: control and safe zones, anchorage (temporary and permanent), body harness fitment and donning, connected devices, shock absorbing lanyard, self-retracting lanyard, lifelines (horizontal and vertical), rescue plan, equipment inspection, care and maintenance

• Butt Fusion - Electro Fusion Training HDPE
Introduction to common thermoplastics (PVC, PP, PE, PVDF); key processing techniques; joint preparation; defects and how to avoid them; process control; inspection and testing; health and safety; practical butt fusion and electrofusion welding in polypropylene or polyethylene. Individuals with limited or no previous experience of these welding processes, but who wish to learn them, including maintenance staff required to install and repair plastic pipe systems, welding engineers unfamiliar with these processes and engineering apprentices. You will know the following: To understand practical welding - butt fusion and electrofusion; To identify plastics materials; To implement procedure control and safe operation; To understand weld properties; To identify faults/defects and how to avoid them.

• H2S Alive
H2S Awareness helps employees become familiarized with the properties of hydrogen sulfide, as well as the potential sources of exposure. In this safety course, workers are introduced to the array of protective measures they must abide by in case of H2S hazards, such as wearing mandatory protective equipment. Employees are also taught how to appropriately respond in case of a hydrogen sulfide emergency. The H2S Awareness certificate is suitable for any workplace where hydrogen sulfide may be encountered throughout daily operations. The H2S Alive course is a full day 8 hours course where you must go to a site or classroom. It also contains a practical based program.

• Off Highway Defensive Driving.
Defensive Driving aims to significantly lower this risk by teaching students how to change their driver behavior, recognize potential hazards before they occur, and effectively respond to an impending collision. The strategies that workers learn during this training program are useful in both their professional and personal lives. Although almost all employees drive a vehicle, some industries are more likely than others to require training in Defensive Driving. These include: Oil & Gas, Logistics (Shipping & Warehousing), Waste Management, Hospitality & Tourism, Security.

• Bonding mat training
This Electrical Grounding and Bonding Training course is founded on the CECode and is designed to give you the correct information you need to design, install and maintain effective electrical grounding systems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems. One of the most important AND least understood sections of the CECode is the section on Electrical Grounding. This Electrical Grounding and Bonding Training course will address all changes on Grounding & Bonding included in the CECode. Electrical Grounding and Bonding Training course will cover grounding fundamentals, identify which grounding system tests can prevent safety and operational issues at your facilities and details regarding which tests can be conducted while the plant is in operation versus which tests require a shutdown will be discussed. 

• Safe Trenching, Excavation & Ground Disturbance
Working in trenches and excavations is hazardous to both the workers who work inside them, and to workers on the surface. The hazards include: Cave-ins or collapses that can trap workers; Equipment or excavated soil falling on workers (e.g., equipment operated or soil/debris stored too close to the excavation); Falling into the trench or excavation; Flooding or water accumulation; Exposure to a hazardous atmosphere (e.g., gas, vapour, dust, or lack of oxygen); Contact with buried service lines such as electrical, natural gas, water, sewage, telecommunications, etc; Contact with overhead electrical lines; Slips, trips and falls as workers climb on and off equipment, or from inappropriate access and egress methods; Being struck by moving machinery, or by falling or flying objects; Hazards related to materials handling (e.g., lifting, struck by, crushed between, etc.).

• Hours of service training
Provincial Hours of Service (Alberta) course explains the hours of service limits set out by Alberta Regulation 317/2002 and how they apply to provincially regulated carriers and drivers. As learners cover topics such as the four duty statuses, daily log requirements, and driver and carrier responsibilities, they will be equipped with the legislation and information required to ensure everyone's safety on the road and to reduce fatigue related incidents. Material in this course was developed using the Alberta Hours of Service Regulations and Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

Any person operating an aerial lift for aerial work platform is required to be trained on the safe use of the equipment, as well as any associated hazards. Certification program has been developed in accordance with federal and provincial legislation as safety training for workplaces across Canada. This certificat covers: the division of responsibilities, personal protective equipment, fall protection considerations, the different types of aerial lifts, operating procedures, associated hazards, and safe work practices. Additional training may be required for the specific equipment you will be operating.

• The Banff Academy for business - Cold Calling Techniques

HSE Manager

• Responsible for managing Office, shop and site Health Safety and environmental programs.
• Responsible for implementing, monitoring and managing health and safety program manuals, policies, procedures, and related specific documents.
• Developed new HSE manual, HR manual, SWP’s, SJP’s, Rules, Inspections, Orientations, training packages, preventative maintenance program, power points, policies, procedures.
• Managed IS-Net World, PICS, COMPLWORKS, CANQUAL, WCB processes, claims, appeals, and mitigation's.
• Developed and completed Incident, Accident, and Near Miss, Property Damage and follow up reports, including root cause, contributing factors and corrective actions.
• Complete all levels of inspections, office, shop, yard, and onsite as required.
• Promoted positive encouragement to workers found complying with all company policies, procedures and applicable legislation developing a positive safety culture within the organization.
• Identified hazards, risks and residual risks with completion of corrective actions.
• Supervised safety practices of crew members and ensured PPE was worn and safety protocols were followed set out by ownership.
• Reviewed hazard assessments, incident, accident, property damage and personal injury reports, and initiated corrective actions, investigate workplace incidents and illnesses and reported findings to ownership.
• Manager of vehicle/ trailer fleet, managed maintenance, sign in and out procedures, monitored GPS with custom alerts.
• Quoted and purchased all related basic and specialized PPE, including general shop and site materials, monitored usage, costs, longevity reports and provided to ownership.
• Worked with immigration Canada for securing employment for out of the country workers, including completing the required documentation.
• Operated, inspected, maintained various pieces of equipment including skid steer.
• Various more account abilities and responsibilities completed and managed.

Safety Supervisor at Shadowlines Transportation Group

• Responsible for implementing, monitoring and managing the six Shadow Group of companies’ health and safety/ compliance programs in Alberta.
• Building health and safety program manuals, policies, procedures, and related specific documents for the company to become Core certified.
• Developed two revisions of the Environmental Health and Safety policy manual.
• Responsible for Managing IS-Net world and WCB processing and claims.
• Chaired the Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings held monthly.
• Completed Office, Yard, Shop and site inspections and investigations providing corrective actions to eliminate and/or control hazards and risks.
• Completed and investigated incident, accident, near miss, property damage and injury’s completing the documentation required.
• Progressive Discipline of workers when found in none compliance with company policies, procedures of the Canadian labor code part #2 and Alberta OHS acts, regulations and adopted codes.
• Promoted positive encouragement to workers found complying with all company policies, procedures and applicable legislation developing a positive safety culture.
• Completed reviews of all Health and Safety documentation looking for trends and documenting statistical records.
• Conducted new hire orientations and Health and Safety reviews with current employees for the Core process.
• Provided, advised and scheduled training for continuous improvement with the Health and Safety of the employees and the program.
• Developed all emergency evacuation plans, procedures, including, evacuation maps, emergency response teams, emergency evacuation mock drills.
• Various hands on training with loading and unloading container trailers, flat decks and bulker units hauling fly ash, calcium, lime, cement and hydrate.

Safety Officer

• Managed the health and safety department and supervised safety administration.
• Conducted bi-weekly health and safety meetings.
• Managed IS-Net world and WCB processing and claims management.
• Inspected safety gear/ equipment and complied to OHS standards for repairs/ certifications.
• Ensured that Office/ yard and work sites meet standards with the local fire codes.
• Conducted new hire orientations and training, scheduling training courses as well.
• Supervise and coordinate Office/ shop/ on-site inspections and investigations with corrective actions.
• Distributed high visual PPE, specialized PPE, Also accounted for distribution of PPE.
• Attended bi-weekly managers’ meetings.
• Ensured street signage used was in compliance with the city standards/ provincial standards as per city and provincial legislation.
• Reviewed hazard assessments, incident, accident, property damage and personal injury reports, and initiated corrective actions, investigate workplace accidents and illnesses.
• Reviewed and initiated maintenance records with corrective actions.
• Identified risks and residual risks with completion of corrective actions.
• Worked hard to promote safety culture within organization.
• Disciplined workers when found in none compliance with company policy’s or OHS acts, regulations and adopted codes.

Safety Supervisor

• Supervised safety practices of crew members and ensured PPE was worn and safety protocols were followed.
• Completed safety orientations to new staff members.
• Ensured all site specific hazard forms were completed accurately.
• Updated the companies HSE manual for company audits and self-audits, including shop and in field inspections and investigations.
• Held weekly safety meetings and on the job hazard assessments.
• Promoted sales and attended trade shows for the company’s sales purposes.
• Tested and operated water main hot tapping machines, valve insertion machine and line stop equipment.
• Operated a hydraulic ram pusher for coring water and sewer main service replacements.
• Installed tapping sleeves and saddles of all sizes, valves and sewer pipe, water mains, hydrants installation and repairs, HDPE fusion pipe and electro fusion.
• Installed CB’s and new sewer and storm pipes.
• Experienced in operating a mini track hoe, front end loader, and a F550 Hiab 060-075 picker trucks.
• Completed repairs and installations for various makes and models of fire hydrants and main line valves, as well as fire water flow testing for fire hydrants.
• Extensive experience in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing and irrigation, as well as fire water protection systems.

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