Need More Space in Edmonton?

A room addition is a smart way to increase square footage without having to buy a new house and Sharp Building Solutions will be with you every step of the way.

A Typical Room Addition includes:

  • Extending family room
  • Add a bathroom
  • Outdoor kitchen 
  • Pool house
  • Additional bedroom
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Master bedroom suite
  • Home office
  • Second story addition
  • Garage addition
  • Media room addition
  • Any other addition you might want to make

If you are looking to create more space in your house with a room addition you will need to hire the best construction contractor for your project. Sharp Building Solutions is your ideal choice. With a skilled construction team and many years of experience in construction & renovations, we can help you with all the steps of your project. From design and architectural services, to demolition, building and all the way through to completion of your home remodeling project.

A room addition is a win-win solution to all your space problems in your house. However, a room addition is like building a new house as it involves all of the same items new home construction requires.  For example; permitting, concrete foundation, engineering, framing, flooring, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, new windows, and the list goes on. Due to the complexity of this kind of project it is in your best interest to choose the best building contractor company to carry on the work at your home remodeling project.

Time for Change

Every homeowner goes through huge family changes during different periods of their life. The typical answer to space issues with a home is to buy a new home. Although this is not always possible for instance; families with children find it difficult to move locally and disrupt their children’s life by changing schools. This can also apply to aging seniors who have been in their homes for many years and find it undesirable to move their locations due to immediate family nearby or their familiarity of the immediate neighborhood they live in. So instead of seeking a new home, they identify their lifestyle needs and begin to reimage different space needs. This often leads to building an addition and/or undertaking a major renovation to the existing home.


There are many benefits for homeowner to consider expanding the envelope of their existing home. The most significant benefit of building an addition to your existing home is that it is simply one of the best and cost effective financial alternatives to a space problem with your home. Adding a home addition becomes extremely attractive when compared to buying a new home. Especially when you take into account the expenses associated with the transaction cost. When you add up the cost of commissions, closing cost and moving expenses associated with buying a new home, the cost of a major addition or renovation becomes an attractive solution. More about this later.

The second most significant benefit to the homeowner is that you can design nearly anything you desire. After you have carefully considered your changing lifestyle needs, it is helpful to discuss your options with a design build remodeling professional. We will listen to your needs and review any documents or ideas that you present in an effort to explore the possible options available. Once you discover your feasible options you should consider contracting to design your desired improvements to determine if they will fit your expected future needs. A professional design build general contractor should be able to design your addition and improvements within your target budget.

One of the important matters in weighing alternative considerations is understanding the inherent value loss in the selling and buying transaction process. When you add square footage to the your home you increase the value while preserving the capital appreciation in value accumulated over the years. When you sell your existing home and buy another home in a nearby neighborhood, the increased value appreciation from your existing home is lost in the transaction. You do not actually lose the cash value during the transaction, but rather your capital appreciation is offset by the sales price of the home you are buying. A portion of the sales price of the home you are buying reflects the capital appreciation that the seller has accumulated. Hence your capital appreciation from your sales price is negated by the sellers capital appreciation realized.

Home additions can have a huge impact on space and lifestyle. The most important factor in planning the addition is creating a seamless space between the new and the old space. This is not only architecturally important but if poorly done can negatively effect the value of your home. This adds to the importance of properly planning your new space and clearly visualizing the details before you commence with improvements.

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